My due date {Friday the 13th of May 2016} came and went. I often referred to this as "The Magical Pregnancy" because once I was in the 2nd trimester, I felt so great that I often forgot I was pregnant, even in the days past my due date. On Monday the 16th, Christian and I went t
I am now 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Tomorrow is my due date. So, the question that I seem to be getting constantly is, "Are you ready?" And the answer is, yes. And no. Or, I don't really know! The truth is, I feel like I hardly remember what it is like to have a newborn, and
To the ladies on Pinterest who made wearing a wreath of flowers on your heads look beautiful and natural: you lied to me. I felt super awkward. Even more so when our neighbors came outside and invited us into her yard to take these pictures. We had been talking about doing this
At 12 weeks, we had some new genetic testing offered to us that was not offered with our other two kids. We had decided that we did want to find out the sex this time because we had done two surprises and while they were so special and cool in their own way, we were ready to ju
There was a time not too long ago when Christian and I decided we were definitely done having babies. Caroline's pregnancy was hard. Nausea, aches and migraines throughout the entire nine months. The first year of her life was hard. Adjusting to two kids is no joke. But, as I t