I haven't blogged nearly as much as I had hoped to lately. In the months of August and September, I had 3 babies due, one at the end of August, and the other two mid-late September. I knew that was a lot of newborn shoots for me with my own young family and with plenty of other f
The night that we came home from our Non-Stress Test at the hospital, I was feeling discouraged, and Christian stopped at this field near our house. He said, "Let's look on the bright side... we always talked about taking maternity pictures in this field, and now we can." That w
I went a little overboard with the amount of newborn images I captured of Frances Kate. I completely overwhelmed myself with the editing required, but really, how could I resist? Newborn photography is something that I have been trying to master for years, and here I had all thes
It's Henry's birthday today. He's five. 5. F I V E. I'm sorry, I realize this is lost on some and all too familiar or obvious to others, because mothers always seem to be nostalgic on and also surprised by their child's birthdays, and I am no exception. I dying a little insid
It sounds really strange, but some of the very best days of my entire life have been spent in a hospital. I have experienced the highest of highs in those first hours after each of our children have been born. I always feel so energized and overjoyed and I just adore introducing