Ten weeks, and so far no baby bump.

(Thank you to my friend Emily for giving me the confidence to expose my bare belly for these pictures.  I think I will look back and cherish them someday.)

The day of my birthday (around 8 weeks) was the last day that I felt well, and I am thankful that I at least got that last day.

I have been nauseous ever since.

I think the worst part about the nausea is that it is coupled with heartburn.

Christian has been patient with me since my winter break is over and I am back to work.

I come home every day and just collapse on the couch.

Apparently, cravings have started.

Last weekend I was home and in bed, feeling just miserable.

Christian was at his brother’s house and he called to check on me.

He asked if there is anything he could do to help me feel better.

I thought for a minute and then I knew.

I just had to have a blue raspberry DQ Mister Misty, (now renamed the Arctic Rush).

Don’t ask me why.

I have never had one before in my life.

But I knew about them.

I craved the tiny particles of ice crystals.

“Can I just get you a slushy from the gas station?” he asked.

“No.  That’s too frothy.  I have to have a Mr. Misty.”

We hung up and I looked at the time.

It was 9:20.

I googled Dairy Queen and sure enough, they closed at 9:00.

I was devastated.

I texted Christian:

“They’re closed. You’ll have to get me a stupid gas station slushy. :(“

About 25 minutes later, he was home.

I sat there with my best mopey face, waiting to be greeted by my gas station slushy.

In he walked.

He was holding a HUGE cup.

That didn’t look like a gas station cup. 

Could it be?

It was blue and…


I saw the great big letters:

“HOW?” I asked.

He smiled.

“Did you really doubt me?”

I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning experiencing the magic of Santa.

And it was magical.

Turns out he called the Dairy Queen and someone picked up.

He explained his situation- sick, pregnant wife at home, etc. and begged the guy to help him out.

It worked.

Half an hour after they closed, he pulled around the drive through and his guy was waiting there for him with an extra large blue raspberry Arctic Rush. 

(He even threw in some chicken fingers for the hubby.)

It was icy, blue raspberry heaven.


Of course, I couldn’t control myself and drank almost all of it which made me feel awful about a half hour later, but for those 20 minutes, I was the happiest girl in the world.

Thank you heroic husband and kind-hearted Carmel Dairy Queen man.

You both deserve a medal.