A few months ago, our friends Aaron and Emily hosted a baby shower for us at their house.

Emily is due to have a baby in October, so we wanted to return the favor and host a shower for her and Aaron.
Of course, hosting a party just a month after having a baby is a challenge.

Jane, who co-hosted my shower with Emily, wanted to do the same for this one, but she lives in California now, so she had to help from afar until she arrived a few days before the shower.

Therefore, I just made a rule to graciously accept help from anyone who offered, and luckily, Emily and Aaron have lots of people who love them and wanted to help, so it was a huge success thanks to the group effort.

I wanted Emily to help choose the invitation so that she could frame it in her nursery just like I did with mine.

She is planning to decorate with lots of bright colors in her baby boy’s room, so this invitation from Tiny Prints was perfect!

The Reddington Baby Party Committee decided that a Mexican theme would match the brightly colored invitation, so I made a bunch of labels and decorations, Christian’s mom helped me make a huge taco salad, Jane ordered burritos from Tijuana Flats, and Michael and Sarah provided Mexican beer, margarita mix for the “Mama”-ritas, (virgin for mamas-to-be), and tequila for those who wanted to add a floater to their “Mama”-rita, (in order to celebrate the mama-to-be).


Emily’s best friend, Savanna, was coming from Ohio and offered to make cupcakes, so I thought it would be cute to have a whole table of sweets with the cupcakes as the centerpiece. 

I made this sign, which I had printed to hang temporarily in the frame above our little kitchen table:

I made matching labels for the cupcakes and Christian assembled them onto toothpicks for me.

I used a bunch of glassware to display brightly colored candies around the cupcakes.

 All week, rain had been predicted for Saturday and we were pretty nervous considering our house is less than 1200 square feet and we had 30+ people coming.

We have a big yard, (almost a half acre), so we had been planning to have tables outside.

Luckily, the rain held off and we were all able to enjoy the outdoors.

Annie, Jess and Jourdan each brought a dip for the “chips and dips” table.

(Thank you, girls!)

Savanna brought these gorgeous flower centerpieces.

The flowers were cut from someone’s garden that morning.

I was so jealous.

All of the flowers in my garden are either dead or dying.

Emily is planning to use lots of brightly colored prints around her nursery, so I framed some for her and they doubled as decorations and gifts.

Jane made her these adorable yarn wrapped letters.

And of course, no Midwest party would be complete without some Cornhole.

 I promised myself that I would snap some pics of Aaron and Emily opening presents but then I got busy taking notes and forgot.

Emily did capture this priceless picture of Henry, just thinking about all the fun things he and his future BFF will get to do together someday…

After all the love we have received recently, it was so fun to pass some on to Aaron and Emily.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little one!