The night that we came home from our Non-Stress Test at the hospital, I was feeling discouraged, and Christian stopped at this field near our house. He said, “Let’s look on the bright side… we always talked about taking maternity pictures in this field, and now we can.”

That was the last night I went to bed pregnant.

Exactly one week later, we returned, with me in the same outfit for comparison’s sake.


It was hot, which she loved. For studio newborn photography, I always bring a space heater. The photographer saying goes, “if you’re not sweating, it’s not warm enough” [to have a baby posed naked for pictures]. It was also bright, which was not ideal for her delicate skin or eyes, but once we got her nestled down in the flowers, she was shaded plenty and she snoozed on and on as we posed her. This was actually the easiest shoot of all of them because she slept so hard out there, (except for the 2 year old hanging around my neck while I worked.)


Christian did get the big kids to go on an adventure in that field and he couldn’t resist snapping a couple of them exploring.


Now, before you get mad about how we stomped these flowers down to make a clearing, we didn’t. It was like that when we got there.

And also, I have no idea what these plants are called, but they left us all covered in yellow pollen and apparently they are weeds because this entire field was plowed down just a couple days later so that corn could be planted.



As usual, the image I was envisioning actually wasn’t what we ended up getting. I really wanted a picture of her propped up in this farmer’s market bucket of my mom’s amongst a huge field of flowers. I planned for her to wear an adorable cream hat with a flower and long, braided ear pulls + the matching diaper cover, which my friend Jane had crocheted for her. But, she started fussing and fighting being in the bucket, so I gave in and swaddled her. The gray swaddle didn’t look right with the hat, so I dug through the props basket in complete frustration and found this little crown, which I bought it in Nashville, TN early in the pregnancy, thinking she would probably be a boy. It was too big on her tiny head, but of everything in the basket, it just looked best of my options, and at that point, I basically felt this shoot was a flop and that I wouldn’t like the pictures. I took the few of her in the bucket wearing that {grrrr} crown and said that we could go.

It was Christian who styled the images with the bucket tipped over, and she slept so sweetly while I snapped a few more. She even gave me a few smiles in her sleep!


I didn’t realize until I saw these on my computer screen how well that gold crown popped with the flowers. Something about it felt very biblical and beautiful, especially with the meaning of her name, (which I already knew we were including on the announcement), so I ended up tweaking the design I made before she was born to use these images instead of the milk bath image I had planned to use.


Frances: Free

“Use your freedom to serve one another in love; that’s how freedom grows. For everything we know about God’s Word can be summed up in one single sentence: love others as you love yourself. That’s an act of true freedom.” Galations 5:14


I do hope to feature this gold foil design with a hand drawn wreath in the shop someday.

If I ever can get a shop up and running.

Honestly, that feels impossible right now, but crazier things have happened.