I went a little overboard with the amount of newborn images I captured of Frances Kate. I completely overwhelmed myself with the editing required, but really, how could I resist? Newborn photography is something that I have been trying to master for years, and here I had all these props I’ve acquired and newborn of my very own. It’s way less awkward to try new ideas, (which sometimes flop), on my own kid! The result is WAY too many different styles of newborn photography to streamline into one post. I am hesitant to even post all of them because such a variety of poses could never be accomplished in just one shoot, (especially with siblings involved!). Keep in mind that all of these images were captured over the course of several days and involved lots of popsicle bribes, (for both the children and the husband who helped spot).

On Henry’s birthday, I posted all of the less posed, more lifestyle images from the first weeks of Frances Kate’s life, and today I am featuring the studio-style images. I am pretty new to studio photography. With the help of my wonderful mother-in-law, I sewed my own newborn posing pillow while I was pregnant with Frances Kate and had the opportunity to practice with it on a couple other babies before she was born. These photos were styled in our home using the posing pillow and many of the props and backdrops that I bring even when I travel to a someone else’s home.




Ummm… this was my favorite idea, which I planned out before she was even born and I was sure I would use on her announcement. It’s a milk bath! {Thank you, Emily, for convincing me to try this!} I waited until after her umbilical cord had fallen off for this one, (notice how much more alert she is!). We filled a large, clear plastic tote with warm water and milk powder. My mom found the lovely flowers in the exact color scheme I had requested… aaaand it was mostly a total disaster. But, this one image (featuring the very bloodshot eye from her wild birth) is pretty much everything I had dreamed of.


… And I didn’t use it on the announcement.

I’m almost embarrassed to say that there are actually MORE pictures. The last thing I wanted to try was outdoor newborn photography, and thanks to my husband’s beautiful, creative brain, those ended up being my absolute favorite.

I’ll post those tomorrow.