Ever since that crazy Thanksgiving morning when I told Christian that our lives were about to change forever, we had been scheming about how we were going to tell our families.

 Christian insisted we tell them on Christmas day even though we couldn’t get an appointment with the doctor until December 28th. 

So, we knew when, but question was how were we going tell them? 

We looked for ideas online.

There were lots of cute Christmas-themed ideas, but none of them seemed right.

Most involved giving a present that would reveal the secret.


I didn’t like the idea that even if we told everyone to open their present at the same time, they would all unwrap at a different rate, thus figuring it out at different moments.

I also didn’t want to do anything ambiguous that would leave people saying, “huh?”


Then we came across an idea we loved.

It was perfect.


Christmas morning came and everyone was gathering at Christian’s parents’ house for brunch.

My mom was there as well but she couldn’t stay long.

She had a friend flying in later that day.


We were all hanging out in the kitchen and Christian’s dad kept offering to make me a Bloody Mary.

I distracted him by asking him to tell me about something he had built in the bathroom while Christian quickly whipped me up a Virgin Mary.


I felt sick.

Not because I was nervous.

It was my new friend that accompanied me everywhere I went: nausea.

I was anxious for everyone to know so I could stop faking a smile and a false sense of energy, and just lay on the couch.


Finally, the big moment came.

My mom announced that she had to go and started saying her goodbyes.


“Hey, before you go, we should take a family picture,” Christian casually suggested.

Everyone kind of moaned and grunted as families do when asked to pose for a family picture, but eventually we collected everybody and gathered by the Christmas tree.


Christian set the automatic timer and ran to get in the picture.

Then, he shouted, 

“Everybody smile…

‘Cause Heather’s pregnant!”


I can’t quite figure this out, but apparently in all of his excitement, Christian managed to hop back out of the picture as he announced the big news.


The result is still pretty priceless.

We love that we will always have something to remember that moment by.


The rest of our Christmas was so memorable and enjoyable.

It was so fun to finally share our news.


And just three days later, we got another priceless picture: 

Baby J: 8 weeks

Merry Christmas to us.