It’s Henry’s birthday today.

He’s five.


F I V E.

I’m sorry, I realize this is lost on some and all too familiar or obvious to others, because mothers always seem to be nostalgic on and also surprised by their child’s birthdays, and I am no exception. I dying a little inside and also in awe, but mostly terrified. These five years have just moved at a different speed than any other chunk of years in my life ever did. The days are slow and the years are short, indeed. It’s not going to stop, and with just three more passes of this period of time, I will have a twenty year old. I can’t put words on the emotions I am experiencing, so I’ll stop trying.

In other news, Frances Kate is quickly approaching three months, which marks the end of my leisurely “maternity leave”. Family photo season naturally begins to pick up at the end of summer/beginning of fall and I have lots on my calendar in the next few months. I imagined that I would do a lot more blogging during the first couple months of her life, but there was a lot of unexpected busyness the first month, and then me trying to play catch up on slow days with no plans and lots of snuggles the second month. So now, I’m realizing that I still haven’t edited all of her newborn pictures or posted any.

With Henry’s birthday as my motivation, I decided to start with the less posed, more lifestyle newborn photos I have of her, because there was a day that first week home from the hospital when I was shooting her all posed up in the house while Christian played outside with the older two, and Henry came inside alone. He said he wanted to take some pictures with the baby, and this kid does not enjoy taking pictures ever, so I took full advantage of the situation. I fought the urge to say, “Let’s get Caroline too, so that I can have a picture of all of you!” I fought the urge to wipe the peanut butter off of his face or make him change his clothes because I knew he would then lose interest. I let him choose her swaddle and her headband and asked where he wanted to sit to hold her. It’s not what I would have chosen if I would have initiated the whole thing, and now I’m glad! Really, even just two months later, I can already recognize how just picture perfect the whole thing is. Peanut butter face, tank top, ripped jeans, the colors on our bed and the colors they are wearing. Yep. Great work, Henry.

He has been pretty emotional and unsure of things ever since she was born. Some of these pictures capture that. But he always wants to see and talk to her and has 10,000 kisses a day for her.



No, babies don’t keep. Our first didn’t and this third one won’t either. Before this “maternity leave” is all the way over, I hope to post some of the other newborn pictures I took of her so that the tiny toes can at least live on in 2D.



The excitement about having a new baby has definitely worn off some, but in those first weeks, every single morning began with Henry and Caroline sneaking chairs into our room and staring into her crib. They constantly wanted me to put her in her bassinet, where they could actually touch her.


Happy birthday, My Henry.

So recently, it was your tiny toes that I was learning to shoot with my very first dSLR.

My, how both of us have grown.