Hi. I’m Heather. Self-taught photographer, writer & designer. Formerly, blogger at mrswigglebottom.com. In the interest of keeping all of my photography, design work and writing in one place, I have moved over to this new site. Welcome.

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Let’s be real.

A blog can be a tricky place to get to know someone. Things look so polished in pictures, and I will humbly admit that as a photographer and designer, I have spent a lot of time making this site look pretty, but in no way do I want to give the impression that everything about my life or my business is pretty. I hope that humility and authenticity shine through in my writing. I am not perfect. I will make mistakes. I cringe at some of the things that I wrote 6 years ago. But in life, you only know what you know, and at that time, I didn’t have the perspective that I do now. God continues to align my heart more and more with His every day, growing me in wisdom and maturity, and I am just thankful for His mercy on this journey.

Let this be a place of grace and encouragement.

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My people:

family puddle pictures

  • Christian

  • husband, high school sweetheart
  • co-shooter on weddings
  • Henry

  • 5 years old
  • lover of laughter
  • caroline

  • 3 years old
  • little miss sassy pants

Let me just share that for our family photos, I had a vision of puddles and rain boots, and I love how they turned out. But capturing these images was certainly not effortless. We didn’t just stumble on a puddle and play for ten minutes while someone snapped a few pictures. Of course, some great photography happens almost on accident, but more often than not, it takes planning and plenty of time to capture a few great shots. For these, we made our kids stay up way past their bedtimes so that lighting was just right, bribed them with candy to cooperate, and for every good shot, there are plenty of outtakes. That’s the real story.


Christian trampled our daughter while trying to carry me and kiss me on the cheek. No one here is perfect.

Thank you to Susan at DeHart Photography, who captured my vision with patience, love and laughter.

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