After a slow start, this baby is really starting to push my belly out.

I can hardly believe the difference in pictures over the past four weeks.

Strangers notice that I’m pregnant now.

My belly button is officially out and about, as you can see.

(It has been half way out since 12 or 14 weeks, even though there was no sign of a bump yet).

It’s been an exciting week.

Christian felt the baby move for the first time.


I’ve been feeling more and more movement, which is making this whole experience seem real.

I think Baby J even had the hiccups the other day. 

I thought it was little kicks at first but they were very rhythmic and lasted about 5 minutes.

It had to be hiccups.

So cute. 🙂


There seems to be a new theme in my life, and it sounds a little like this:

“Wait, what? We had a meeting this morning?”

I’ve heard about it, but now I know…

This whole “pregnancy brain” thing is real.

Sometimes I have trouble retrieving words.

This comes in really handy when teaching and trying to sound professional.

Last week I couldn’t remember the word “trash can”.

Come on.

I’m distracted.

Christian keeps calling me out for it.

The other day a student said,

“Ummm… Mrs. Jansen, are you even listening to me?”

I’m going to work on it.

It is my spring break, so while I’m not working on my house project to-do list, I have been lucky enough to spend some time with lots of encouraging friends.


Early in the week, I had two lunch dates with friends from high school.

It was so good to catch up and really made me realize how much we’ve all grown in the past 10 years.

Christine is a wife and assistant principal at a local private school.

Jackie lives in Chicago and is now engaged.

 And me?

Well, I feel like just yesterday I was 16 and getting my driver’s license.

A cute boy named Christian Jansen asked me to go to Prom with him that year. 

Luckily, I said yes.

Time flies. 

I sometimes find myself panicking and wondering how in the world I will ever be able to pull off this whole being a mom thing. 

Thank goodness for all of the moms who have come before me, (my own included).

I am going to be leaning on them a lot for advice and answers to my many questions.

Baby J will be here before I know it.

There is so much I need to do to prepare, but honestly I don’t even know where to start.

On Tuesday, I had lunch with my friend Jess and her sweet daughter, Lucy.

Jess picked a restaurant right next to Babies R Us, (a place I have been avoiding up until now).

After lunch, she walked me through the entire store, aisle after aisle, explaining what we were looking at, whether or not I would need it and which brands she likes best.

She was so patient with me as I glazed over, became completely overwhelmed and continually asked the same questions over and over again:

“Wait, how does that work?”

“Are you sure I need it?”

“You have to get new ones as the kid grows?”

“Which one did you pick?”

“Does it come in other colors?”

“Where will I keep it all?”

The whole thing is so overwhelming.

I don’t want to pick the wrong things and I also don’t want to be tricked into buying the most expensive things out of fear that it will be better for my baby.

I don’t want to pick things that I won’t really need but I also don’t want to be unprepared.

My head was spinning by the time we left.

I was exhausted and probably could have cried.

Thank goodness for Lucy who sat in the cart and smiled at me through her pacifier the entire time.

On Wednesday, my friends Jane and Emily spent the day at baby stores with me. 

Emily is a NICU nurse so she knows just about everything about babies.

Jane bought us our first cloth diaper, which is so stinking cute it made me excited for Baby J to arrive just so that I can put him or her in it.

On Thursday, I had breakfast with my friend Katie, whose baby girl is only 3 weeks old.

Katie made me laugh, telling me that babies aren’t breakable and giving me tons of advice.

She shared all of gory details of child birth, and said she would do it again in a heart beat.

She even went as far as to pull her organic, reusable breastfeeding pad out of her bra in the middle of the restaurant just to show me.

I love that girl.

Finally, on Friday, I had breakfast with my friend Annie and her 4 month old, Charlotte or “Charley”.

I confessed that I was having trouble adjusting to the idea of being a mom. 

Here is what she said:

“When I was pregnant, I couldn’t grasp what it meant, but it is the best thing life has ever given me.

Incredible joy every day…

Soon you’ll have an answer to all the question marks.”


That was just what I needed to hear.